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Our Services

Real Time Market Prices

We at Our Crypto Talk provide our users with real-time market prices and charts enabling them to keep an eye on the market while being part of discussions on the app.

Customizable Watchlists

We let our users choose their bag of coins which they would want to monitor at all times.

Sentiment Data

We provide our users with market demand insights through which they can analyze these sentiments to predict potentially profitable trends. 

Multiple Expert Rooms

Various experts from all around the globe to help you understand the industry and the markets better.

Image by Jakub Sofranko

Want to talk more about crypto but no one understands?

We got you! Roll in for active daily discussions and participations from people with similar interests across the globe!

Our Crypto Talk is a platform for crypto enthusiasts and traders to hangout and participate in discussions, provide and receive value, rewards and be a part of the crypto space! 

More and more people like you at one single place! Exciting isn't it? And what if we told you we have rewards for you too!

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