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Identifying Credible Crypto Sources

Updated: Mar 31

Crypto communities are filled with experts, enthusiasts, and traders willing to claim that they offer the best crypto information and financial advice. Any advice that aims to guide or inform an investor on a specific product or asset is considered financial advice. Since most platforms lack defined standards for measuring accuracy of the information, the credibility of these sources remains uncertain.

Platforms for crypto communities

You can make decisions on cryptocurrencies on a number of platforms, including the ones listed below :

  • Twitter - The crypto community on Twitter is quite active, with many full-time traders and experts publishing trades based on technical analysis. However, based on the number of followers, it is impossible to distinguish between two sources projecting a different future for a specific asset. Moreover, bots dominate the crypto world on twitter, raising questions among enthusiasts.

  • YouTube - The concept of learning and acquiring knowledge from a video-based platform is highly popular because visual interaction is quite engaging. Many experts have a YouTube channel where they produce videos once a day or once a week. The growth of a channel is an indication of its popularity among traders, but acquiring real-time information on YouTube is challenging because it takes time to create a video.

  • Discord - The platform was launched in 2015 and was meant for gamers. Discord has acquired popularity in the crypto world as well for its capacity to segregate content into servers and channels. Bots play an important part in signals on channels that deliver proper entry and exit calls. You must conduct significant study on your own before deciding which server to join and in most cases, you’d need to pay before carrying on with your research on a channel.

  • Telegram - The concept is to focus on trade signals. Experts and their bots provide signals on various crypto assets, assisting traders to profit. The aggregation of information on a single chat feed, along with the lack of crypto-specific features, leaves traders with a somewhat unconvincing experience.

  • Our Crypto Talk - Despite being new to the crypto community, Our Crypto Talk is growing popularity among enthusiasts and traders. Designed exclusively for crypto, OCT measures reliability in terms of credibility points. Traders can rate real-time information and make weekly OCT predictions to gain badges and points that evaluate reliability. The crypto chat app is new to the field, but a mix of professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts without a single bot strives to deliver a pleasant and trustworthy environment for the community.

Here are some useful tools that will make your life easier in this journey.

Evaluating a crypto source is a matter of personal preference and analysis. It is human nature to prefer existing communities to starting something fresh from scratch, but when it comes to financial decisions, credibility must take priority. Whether your expert opinion is based on a source from Twitter, YouTube, or Our Crypto Talk, make sure to provide them with feedbacks that can serve as a metric for their credibility in the future.

If you are into crypto and looking to hold up discussions, join communities and network better with traders and crypto enthusiasts from all over the globe, you should definitely check out Our Crypto Talk.

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