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The Strategy For Market Change

Updated: Mar 31

As the markets changes, so should your STRATEGY.

Here's my PERSONAL game plan and top picks in today's market and moving forward.

Crypto twitter would make you believe every single altcoin is going to rise from the ashes and rise to unimaginable heights again. Truth is the number of projects with REAL revenue or a treasury lasting many MANY more years is ridiculously low. Way lower than anyone thinks.

In 2021 I talked to many of my old friends who still held crypto holdings from the earlier bull run (2017).

While I was absolutely enjoying the new bull run and can honestly say this was the biggest run we have ever had so far, many of them didn't share that opinion.

“Maybe bitcoin, yeah but alt season hasn't really started yet.”

“Many of my coins are not even CLOSE to their old heights. I'm not even break even".

I was pretty speechless and didn't know what to say. There was a common pattern on crypto twitter as well. It wasn't just my friends, it was all on my feed! People defending and arguing the REAL run had yet to start.

Meanwhile I saw new tokens launching 100x on release which we had never really seen before in any run. While I explained to most in a friendly level-headed way that it's likely most of the cryptocurrencies never will go back to what they once were where I was laughed at back in response.

"This was when bitcoin already hit 60k in the markets btw".

While I could name many old cryptocurrencies that did RISE from the ashes. The truth is in terms of numbers (20-30 vs 5000+) that was less than 1%.

The market favored new altcoins based on NEW narratives in the markets. This actually isn't very hard to believe if you consider cryptocurrency still is a hype driven market based on speculation which coins will ever make it. This is solely what drives most value of today's cryptocurrencies.

How to manage your trading time and style? Read here.

Back then we had almost 0% REAL WORLD adoption and so do we today. While this means we are still early, it also means 2017-2018 market situation will mostly replicate. We have had major advancements in the De-Fi industry but we have yet to implement global crypto adoption.

This doesn't mean I don't have my eye on a small selection of altcoins. This is by no means the ONLY list. This is a selection based on holding no more than 5 cryptocurrencies and even removing lots of my other favorites I also think are going to succeed.

Lets begin


The BEAST of interoperability.

Along the years Quant has made MAJOR advancements in real world adoption with even working with officials on the next CBDCs. The absolute market resilience it shows today is proof of that.


There have been many MANY layer 1 projects popping up lately. While most are empty promises I do believe taking a bet on at least one of them with solid fundamentals is a good choice.


A media focused platform on content creation for both creator and consumer. Their added metaverse offering is growing larger by the day and is pretty groundbreaking. Moreover they are backed by a huge giant in the media industry.


Morpheus boasts a solution to bring the supply chain on the blockchain with its automated supply chain middleware platform. It has shown massive resilience the last few months and is sitting at a pretty low market cap.


Decentralized trading platform offering REAL yield, deployment on Arbitrum and a crazy amount of user volume lately. The #RealYield narrative and #Arbitrum hype is definitely something I'm looking to play on one of my holdings.


It might not have the upside potential it once had but is basically a GUARANTEED R.O.I. It's arguably one of the only coins in the entire market that's guaranteed to not fail. Holding 1 large cap in your portfolio is a must and I prefer Ethereum above the rest any day.

-Stablecoins ($BUSD)

Doesn't look exciting but this is still the most IMPORTANT play in my entire portfolio today for the reason below.

• To buy low (which is close).

• To play new opportunities.

Remember when I said in the beginning of this thread that every new bull run favored the NEW coins and not the old ones? The best gainers are yet to be born and I'm looking to HEAVILY play on that which worked extremely well for me before.

My stables aren't just for buying dip opportunities. I need funds for playing the new narratives. Opportunities like public presales for example which is responsible for 60%+ of my profits the last 6 years.

Wondering what affects the crypto market? I've got you covered here.

Before you come at me with: "What about? I thought you said you liked?"

I absolutely love and adore many other altcoins in today's market. Other ones I really believe will succeed and would even WANT to hold. Then why don't I hold them?

A choice I make on purpose to only hold:

• Stablecoins

• 1 large cap

• 5 altcoins with a mix of every narrative and low / high risk.

If I like 20 projects I force myself to narrow these down to 5. I'm really no fan of holding more in a BEAR market.

Along with this I consider myself a true crypto degen and have a small "play" fund which I trade with. Make some short term plays on Arbitrum projects for example (current narrative. Because this changes so often it wouldn't make any sense listing any of those here. I might have sold or exit a position when you start reading this thread.

Bear markets also don't favor high risk plays so I remember myself to always make this a "small fund" play.

Still reading? You made it!

I always tell myself to keep my articles short but the true "teacher" in me can't cope with leaving out an explanation behind every reasoning.

These articles really take me multiple hours to write but It's what I love to do.

Hope you took notes

If you are into crypto and looking to hold up discussions, join communities and network better with traders and crypto enthusiasts from all over the globe, you should definitely check out here.

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