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What are Public Pre-Sales?

Updated: Mar 31

While everyone is talking about finding the next 10-100X, public pre-sales have always done these OVERNIGHT.

- Where do you find these?

- Which ones are good?

- How to participate?

Every bull cycle I've been in I've invested a huge amount of time into public presales.

Most of us are always looking for the best cryptocurrencies on the market to go after that high return on investment. While this works and the returns you usually get are pretty great (given enough time).

I've almost never come close to the same amount of profit I've gotten from a public presale. The craziest part of this all? It happens in a day.

Whenever a cryptocurrency is trading on the market it already has sellers and buyers placing limits at a given price. So obviously it's tough to see the price move 100% due to the walls of sales and buys.

A presale has NO trading price yet. No walls. Due to this it can release x10-x50.

Now the question is should you participate in every single one? No

Should you participate in a lot of them? Yes

But where to find a list of all upcoming presales?

Some examples are / and /

Okay now that we know where to find them, how do you actually define which ones are good or not?

A presale is actually quite different in this sense than a normal cryptocurrency potential research. We PURELY want to look for hype, interest and engagement here. Even bad presales will do well if you can spot hype.

A great place to start looking is its socials. Visit both their official Twitter page AND telegram / discord channels. See how many REAL followers they have. Almost every crypto project buys followers but those are not real. They are also not buyers.

For example, If the project page you are looking at has 50k followers but has only 100 likes on their posts? It means only about 5k of those are real. They know retail traders look at numbers. They know most don't spot fake numbers.

Here's another take on public pre-sales :

You want to spot LARGE engagement on all their posts. If they do have this, it means a huge community can't wait to see them launch in the market. The same community for that reason wants to buy whenever they can.

The more the demand, The higher the listing price.

The next question is how to participate in a presale?

There's usually 2 methods companies use.

- Participating through their official website.

- Participating through a launchpad.

Both whitelisting and participating usually happens through the sale method. The official website or socials will ALWAYS direct you to the method they choose to organize their presale. A launchpad is a third party website that handles all the presale logistics.

It makes it a lot easier for a company to offer their token on a specialized platform.

Whitelisting is the first step where you will leave your details (name, email) behind. Due to limited seats you won't always have a spot. BUT If you are selected you will receive an email with more details on WHEN the sale will take place and HOW.

Keeping track of everything. This one might be the most important of all. Make an excel file or anything similar to keep track of everything you need to!

- Whitelisting date

- participation date

- market launch date

- Website or launchpad name

- allocation amount

Sometimes it might be too hard to track but if you don't, you might miss out on the presale itself!

Once you actually get it, in 90% of the cases you will want to sell at day 1 of market release (exchange listing).

Everyone will tell you to hold but it's you vs them. We all know how not taking profits works right?

In 10% of cases the project really is good and you might want to leave a certain amount running. But the least you could do is take plenty of return on the side and either keep it or reinvest it in another presale.

Here's a fundamental blue chip guide for you guys.

Rinse and repeat.

Obviously this works mostly on bull cycles. In a bear market there's not a big amount of fresh capital entering the markets so there's not a lot of people buying into presales.

Although you might still find some worthy ones though today (just less).

Now you would ask that you should do presales only?

No, it's usually a combination between market investments and presales. Why? Allocation amount. For example -

- A 5k investment x4 = 15k profit.

- A 300$ investment x40 = 11700$ profit.

You are not limited to any purchase amount in exchanges. Whereas on a presale you are also risking considerably less (300$ vs 5000$ for example) for a way higher "return to capital" comparison.

In the upcoming bull cycle you'll see 10-30 (if not more!) of these presales launching a month!

Just make sure you'll take your profit on them.

If you are into crypto and looking to hold up discussions, join communities and network better with traders and crypto enthusiasts from all over the globe, you should definitely check out Our Crypto Talk.

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