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What's next for Ethereum?

Updated: Mar 5

There is no doubt that bitcoin investment has significantly increased in recent years. Despite the fact that Bitcoin may have been the beginning, investors are now looking for alternative cryptocurrencies to invest in. Unquestionably, Ethereum is among the most well-liked.

Ethereum expands on Bitcoin's invention while making some significant changes.

Both allow you to use digital currency without banks or payment processors. On the other hand, since Ethereum is programmable, you may create and run decentralized applications on its network.

Because Ethereum can be programmed, you can create applications that use the blockchain to store data or set restrictions on what your application may do. This produces a blockchain that can be used for anything and is general purpose. Since there are no restrictions on what Ethereum can achieve, the Ethereum network can support significant innovation.

Ethereum is more like a marketplace of financial services, games, social networks, and other applications that respect your privacy and cannot censor you, in contrast to Bitcoin, which is only a payment network.

The beta version of this currency, which Vitalik Buterin first proposed in 2013, was made available in 2015.

When Ethereum was first introduced in 2015, Ether (ETH) was only worth $0.311. Although it even came close to $5,000 last year, it is now at $1,336.46 (at the time of writing).

It's significant that Ethereum was developed so that smart contracts will be prominent. For those who don't know, smart contracts are decentralized, self-executing contracts that are built into the blockchain itself.

Ethereum's blockchain allows smart contracts to run simultaneously across all nodes, creating verifiable consensus without the need for a legal system, judge, court, or any other type of dependable third party.

According to the Ethereum website, this money can be used for just about anything, including trading, securing, decentralizing, or codifying.

Smart contracts, such as bonds with coupon payments, swaps, or option contracts, can be represented by money through the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

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You can also use it to carry out wagers and bets, complete employment contracts, manage a lawful decentralized gambling establishment, or serve as a reliable escrow when buying expensive products.

If you're new to the world of investing in crypto, you might be asking whether you should buy ETH or if it is a viable investment. The simplest response to those two questions is that yes, Ethereum is probably a decent investment and that it might be very profitable.

Ethereum 2.0, an upgrade to Ethereum's algorithm that will switch it from proof of work to proof of stake, is one of the main reasons to invest in it. The price of Ethereum could grow significantly if the changeover is successful. But this is only one of several factors that might make investment in Ethereum rewarding.

Overall, most cryptocurrency market observers anticipate that Ethereum will experience a recovery before the year is over. By the end of the year, according to certain market forecasts, Ethereum will surpass the $2000 barrier once again.

Analysts are even more upbeat about Ethereum's prospects as an investment over the longer run. The consensus projections for Ethereum's value in 2025 range from $9000 to $10000.

By the end of 2025, some analysts even predict that Ethereum will trade at a high of $12,000 or more.

In the end, it's just a matter of time till Ethereum blows up, again.

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