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Why crypto communities matter?

Updated: Mar 31

Communities are the backbone of every movement, business and change that happens in the world. When it comes to crypto, we are no different - in fact we are even more community based than most other things.

Why? Because people in crypto are challenging the status quo. People in crypto are challenging the centralized powers that have been running the world from years and years and to do that, people need to be together in communities.

Nothing against centralized companies and institutes but those are something crypto is out to challenge and it is very important for people to be together and be part of communities when it comes to crypto. As they say - Together we stand, divided we fall. There are a lot of crypto communities all over the internet on Twitter, Facebook, Discord , Telegram and now with Our Crypto Talk .

It's not just that the crypto communities are together for the sake of staying together but being a part of a community helps you to be aware and learn from other like minded people. Now, if you're like us and have lost a significant chunk of money on crypto in the past, ask yourself - "Would I have lost that money if I was a part of a community?"

Here are some useful crypto tools that will make your life easier in the space.

How do crypto communities help you

Crypto communities could help you in many different things. Let us take a look at a few of them with examples -

  • Trading - On platforms like Our Crypto Talk, Discord and Telegram you'll find numerous trading advice and actions. You need to make your own decisions in the end but a second opinion is always a good thing when it comes to trades.

  • Fundamental analysis - There are many good analysts in crypto communities who would help you in understanding which projects are good to invest in the long term and which are ponzis. Crypto beginners fall to many shitcoins and traps which can be avoided if you are a part of a community.

  • Price action and Technical analysis - Not everyone is a great trader or chart reader. People learn and so can you. Communities like Our Crypto Talk usually thrive with technical analysts and price action traders who put up their setups for other guys to take a look at.

  • Networking - Of course there is the social and networking aspect of it all as well. Who doesn't like to make like-minded friends eh?

Here's another take on how do crypto communities help you.

Joining a crypto community

Which crypto community you join is totally upto you - if you are into social media a lot you can join Facebook groups or Twitter's crypto community (beware of bots on both of these though). If you are not much into social media you could join Discord servers or telegram channels (Most of them are short-lived and paid though).

Of course we're going to be biased and say you could also join the Our Crypto Talk community as well where you get a mix of traders, NFT geeks, crypto beginners and enthusiasts and all of that without a single bot.

No matter which community you join - it is very important to learn as well as teach in the community for the entire crypto space to grow!

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