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Zano: A web3 Project to Secure Your Digital World

What actually is Zano?

Zano is a web-3 cryptocurrency project providing a secure and stable coin suitable for e-commerce. It is powered by forward and backward compatibility, component-based modular structure and asynchronous core architecture.

Zano it's core provides three major benefits -

  • Hybrid PoS/PoW cryptonote - Getting the best out of both the in-use consensus algorithms is at the heart of Zano blockchain.

  • Performance - Super powerful performance driven by component based modular structure.

  • Stability - Such are the levels of testing that Zano project has been stable from day one.

Pioneers like Roger Ver have publicly shown support to Zano. Roger Ver's early investment and success with Bitcoin paved the way for many investors to take crypto opportunities more seriously. His belief that Zano is the next big thing speaks to its incredible potential.

Key Features of Zano

Let us look at the key features Zano provides.

  1. Escrow/P2P contracts - With the escrow service, users can create fully customizable smart contracts. When using the Zano network, a deposit is required from all parties as a financial incentive to prevent any malicious activity.

  2. Purchase APIs/plugins - API’s and plugins are what makes Zano features so easy to use for literally everyone. With this functionality, users are not required to have any coding knowledge to create contracts and implement them in ecommerce-related ventures.

  3. Aliases - All Zano network members have alias like usernames. These aliases can be linked to a payment address, which makes our network more user friendly. In the long run, aliases will be used in a dedicated messenger which is under progress.

  4. Multisignature - Multisig, is the key mechanism allowing two or more users to control a single wallet. This is mostly used in the escrow service, however multisig can also be used to create a two-factor authentication mechanism.

Why to choose Zano?

  • Ecosystem with unlimited capabilities

  • Enhanced privacy

  • Escrow Contracts

  • Enhanced security features missing in first-generation cryptocurrencies

  • Desired for true crypto adoption

Zano roadmap and what is coming up next?

The following features have been planned for release later in 2023 - a. Zano companion - A browser extension for users to connect the Zano wallet to web applications.

b. Confidential Assets Decentralized Exchange: On chain trading for native currency and confidential assets.

c. Confidential assets mobile wallet: Mobile wallet for users to store their confidentials assets

The Zano Team

The zano team has experienced members in CS and blockchain, each with over 10 years in blockchain technology. Lead developer, Andre Sabelnikov - 'Godfather of privacy' - brainchild behind CryptoNote codebase that supports Monero and over 300 other crypto coins.

The fact that Zano's originator created the first-ever privacy protocol, CryptoNote, to eventually bring about Monero, is a testament to their ability to deliver.

Zano Tokenomics

Current market cap (26 Aug 2023) : 12.5 Million dollars Full diluted market cap: 14.77 Million dollars Circulating supply: 11,837,668 ZANO Total supply: 13,867,168 ZANO

Want to learn more about Zano?

Important Links : Coingecko: Wallets Website: Research Papers: Linktree: Twitter:

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